Snax embarks on a wild DJ weekend starting June 3rd in London. Think of it as a Dalston neighborhood mini tour! Here are the deets…

THE WARM UP – Friday 06/03.:

Snax joins DJ Martyn Fitzgerald and Jamie Bull for Friday night dance floor festivities at the legendary East Bloc. See Flyer below

THE MAIN EVENT – Saturday 06/04:

Snax returns to Dalston Superstore, this time downstairs for Les Poppeurs, acuretly described as ‘your favourite bi-monthly Saturday night queer dance party.’ Snax joins residents Whitney Weiss and Rachael plus extra special guests Teki Latex, Iona and Nark, the last of whom recently guested with Snax at Lady Cab Driver in Berlin.

This is one sparkly glittery disco night you simply can’t miss! See flyer below.

THE AFTER PARTY –  Sunday 06/05:

Things conclude, but certainly don’t wind down, at Vogue Fabrics for the provocatively titled Dirty Daddy party. Snax, projecting his Box Office Poison persona, brings the house, spinning alongside Ted Rogers and Gutter Slut alum Nic Fischer.

It’s a T Dance so come early, or just don’t sleep! Flyer below.

See you in London!

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