Shady Lights available digitally everywhere. Order the double vinyl set, with download code, here!

• “Shady Lights is a masterful expression. Taken as a whole, the album is a continuously
evolving journey through genres and moods, with stellar production and songs that unfurl like
chapters in a book.” – Eric Downer (Bay FM 99.9, Australia)
• “We always love a but of Snax … let’s funk!” – Hard Ton (Gigolo Records)
• “Excellent album. There are so many great songs on it, the mind spins. Total bliss!” – DJ
Morpheus (Radio Campus, Belgium)
• “‘Are You With Me’ is dope. I’ll definitely support this album.” – Honey Dijon (Classic, NYC)
• “Nice!” – The Black Madonna (Smart Bar, Chicago)
• “I love ‘I’m a Planet!’” – Bill Brewster (Ministry of Sound/DJ History)
• “Snax is an institution. ‘Loose Beat’ is the one for me on here. So smart!” – Will Automagic
(The Carry Nation, NYC)
• “Love this! Snax is the funkiest producer I know. Gonna play this on repeat!” – Per QX
• “‘Fierce Imperative’ goes into a new direction … bloody brilliant.” – DJ Chewy
• “I want more Snax music in my life!” – Max Skiba (The KDMS)

‘Two Souls’ – Music video directed by Mario Dzurila

Latest Single: ‘Hands Dirty’ + Remixes

Musical artist Snax has returned with a new sound, a new long player and a new mission, brought about by his latest affiliation with Hill, the mysterious leader of a spiritual organization called Shady Lights. Hil has been sending cryptic transmissions through Facebook, Instagram, and the site, building followers and piquing curiosity. Hil’s messages have also been embraced and enthusiastically shared by Snax who has apparently fallen under Hil’s spell. Has he joined this strange cult? Is Snax music become influnced by Hil’s teachings? We would like to enlist you to participate in their journey. Snax’s new album Shady Lights will be released on October 27, 2017.  With Shady Lights, Snax builds on this newly accrued wisdom from Hil and peppers it with his own profound life experiences from the past several years. The album comes at the end of a period marked by the pain of surgery, the selling of his childhood home, and the loss of a loved one to suicide, but also the joy of marriage and commitment, and a terrific new studio space for working through all these ideas. But Snax counters with an album that takes all these themes and imbues them with a dose of hope. Shady Lights’ seventeen tracks (including some strategically placed instrumental codas) swing and groove with confidence, filled with earworm choruses and slinky musical accompaniment, derived from influences as disparate as abstract pop, musique concrète, R&B, and punk rock. The puzzle process that guided the album is camouflaged by a sequence of distinct songs that flow together with purpose, sort of like life’s unconnected events forming a whole. It’s not obvious at this point that Hil is indeed Snax and that Shady Lights is his forthcoming album. But subtle hints are being dropped, becoming more frequent as the release date approaches. Snax will be planning release parties in his home base of Berlin and other enlightened cities. And Hil will continue sending transmissions leading up to release, mobilizing the troops to follow the Shady Lights.