Presenting Sven Brede…The Snax Remix Contest Winner!

World Of Snax congratulates Sven Brede, aka Toxic Twin, for submitting the winning remix in the Special Guest Star remix contest!

Random Records will be releasing the remix digitally very soon…in the meantime, you can listen to the track below.

And here’s some info on Sven:

>>>Toxic Twin aka Sven Brede, Berlin born and raised, has been a part of nightlife and clubculture as a professional DJ ever since ’93; his regular appearances in Berlin having become classics for many. However, his activities are not limited to spinning in every club of the city – he actually spends most of his time producing for several well-known labels. (Sven on Discogs.)

From ’96 to ‘01 Sven worked at a Berlin-based music agency, leading artisit such as DJ I.C.O.N. on their road to success. When leaving the agency, he met Tom Clark, which lead to several infamous productions for Clark’s label Highgrade. Especially acclaimed by critics was 2002’s project TELEMEN, including his brother Lars Brede aka Stashrider, on Multicolor Records.

Sven’s style both as DJ and producer is often considered old- and new-school at the same time, blending both traditional and progressive elements of electronic music. Very open to every kind of club-music, he programms high-class house and techno grooves that easily meet any kind of standard. His openmindedness, longtime experience and consistent output make ToxicTwin both a classic and a surprise everytime around! ..>>>

Congrats Sven…and thanks again to all who participated in the contest.

Now…let’s boogie!

Special Guest Star (Sven Brede aka Toxic Twin remix) by snax