Out now on Random Records! Re-release of Bedroom “No Glove, No Love – featuring Chloe”

Random Records proudly re-releases Bedroom Production’s single from 2009, “No Glove, No Love – featuring Chloe”

Formed in the late 90’s in New York by Snax and T DeLong (then TJ Free), Bedroom Productions created a totally unique blend of hip-hop, electronic and punk on their two albums “Bedroom Productions” and “Fast Cars, Fast Women.” Reunited years later in Berlin, the two produced “No Glove, No Love”; an anthem for those on the sexual fringes and a dance tune that in a short 3:36 covers HIV prevention, transgenderism and general survival.

They were joined on this mission by legendary transgender HIV activist and long time fixture of downtown New York, Chloe Dzubilo, whose spoken word performance peppers the already spicy track. Ms. Dzubilo, who passed away Feb. 2011, also produced the singles’ cover art.

The 2012 re-release has been remastered and features a stomping deep house remix by Berlin’s Box Office Poison.