Meet the Snackettes!

SNAX, known the world over for his dynamic one man shows, is now currently expanding his sound; performing with his band, THE SNACKETTES!  With this new project, Snax has put together an international lineup of singers and musicians to back him on his current gigs; a reflection of his musical spectrum and an extension of his on-stage persona.

First up, bringing steady rhythm and psychedelic sound, is guitarist Jules Etienne. Hailing from the Parisian suburbs, Jules has been producing and creating music in Berlin for years, most famously as ½ of electronic act Gui.Tar. “Jules and I met through DJ Boris at the Berghain nightclub and we hit it off right away,” recalls Snax. “Eventually, we teamed up for some recording on my latest album so it was natural for him to join my touring band.” Jules brings a unique sense of style and elegance that could only come from the city of light.

    photo:Lucas Heinz

Snax’s music has always been heavy on the vocal arrangements, so it stands to reason that there would have to be solid singers supporting him on stage. “I’ve always loved the idea of background vocals”, reveals Snax. “There’s a classic show business vibe to it, plus it’s always visually exciting.”

From the mountains of northern Italy comes singer Alessandro Tartari. As well as being a skilled pianist and veteran of soundtrack work, Alessandro is the singing half of the aforementioned Gui.Tar. He, along with partner Jules, had been going to Snax shows for some time and it was through mutual friends that the two met. “I was thrilled to know Ale could sing because I already knew he was so much fun!” remembers Snax. Looking like he just stepped out of an underground Jack Smith film, Mr. Tartari is often accessorized in eyeliner and an extravagant head piece to accent his full beard.

    photo:Lucas Heinz

Standing next to Mr. Tartari, we have a lovely and talented singer hailing from the Beverly Hills of Germany (Stuttgart), Ms. Nadine Borau. Nadine joined the fold via another certain electronic performer, a woman by the name of Peaches. Recalls Snax, “I happened to mention to Peaches that I needed some singers. And, good ole’ Peach, she’s always so happy to hook people up, so she passed word along to Nadine whom she already knew from Berlin nightlife.” Indeed. Berlin night owls are sure to recognize Nadine making the scene. Borau’s elegant soprano and glamorous persona were just the right ingredients to complete the ensemble.

    photo:Lucas Heinz


    photo:Lisa Wassmann