Love Pollution 10 Year Give-A-Way!

Ten years ago this week, Snax released his second full length LP, LOVE POLLUTION, on TNT/Four Music and to celebrate, you can download it FOR FREE from Bandcamp all day today until midnight, courtesy of the House Of Snaxine!

Described by Snax as ‘a love letter to anyone you want,’ Love Pollution was also hailed by the BBC as ‘Very cool, very funky, very good, and very worthy of regular recycling on your stereo system’ while DJ Download wrote ’11 superb tracks…with a depth often missed out by other artists.’

Featuring the hit ‘Honeymoon’s Over,’ whose Konrad Black remix is still a DJ favorite to this day and is a bonus track with your download! Also included is the blistering Shapestrumental of ‘Immer So’ featuring the guitar stylings of Shapemod.

Thanks to all who’ve polluted me with their love through the years!

Click below and Spread the Love Pollution!