"Lady Gaga und ich"

Snax reports on Tonspion.de about Gaga, Lady Gaga, and Ms. Gaga.

(English version)

I am a true Gaga fan and was never afraid to admit it. Now after seeing her live, I am even firmer in my conviction. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited by a pop star, but Ms. Gaga brings it on every level. For someone easily bored like me, it’s quite a feat to be able to hold my interest for an hour and a half. The larger than larger than life projections, mega elaborate stage design, God knows how many costumes, and intense choreography managed to do just that. Not to mention the music. Yes, she can play and, damn right, she can sing and write a good song. I get so annoyed with people who say she should do more and she could be so much more. I say, you go up there and do it. Leave Gaga alone!

Stand out moments from the show: Her extended dialogues were certainly no less grand that the show itself. After pouring on the thanks to the audience for having bought the expensive concert ticket, she implored us, “Tonight put all your worries onto me!” like some sort of glam rock flying nun. Speaking of flying, her breathtaking rendition of “So Happy I Could Die,” when she rose above the audience on a front stage rider, resplendent in her now trademark living dress was another in a series of highlights. And I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed larger and more stunning video projections, the most impressive of which was at the very beginning where the wraparound screen hiding the stage appeared to breath a simple grid pattern and slowly Gaga’s huge full body image appears in black and white, striking cleverly edited poses which whipped the audience into a frenzy. Finally her real live silhouette appeared behind the screen for her opening number “Dance In The Dark.” Also memorable was when she finally sat down in front of her piano, which I was especially waiting for. In between Brown Eyes and Speechless, Gaga regaled us with another tale of not being popular in high school (something she seems particularly preoccupied with) while wearing a leather bikini, decked out in chains and such. By this point she is already standing on the piano bench, bent over, hair covering her face and her right high-heeled leg is tapping cryptic semi-tones on the keyboard…over and over and over. The world of Gaga is impossible to resist.

But it’s not just a phenomenon. I know this to be true because Britney got just as big but she never peaked my interest. Britney just seems a cheerleader to me, while I find Gaga’s work smart, sexy, garish, bombastic…FUN. You remember fun. She is the most modern of superstars, completely not bothered with her ‘little monsters” documenting her every move and posting them all over the internet. She knows that only raises a profile she’s already worked so hard to elevate.

Later came her quasi-exclusive after party in a notorious Berlin gay sex club. What I experienced from my interaction with her there was a young talented girl who happens to be sitting on top of the world and couldn’t be happier interacting with her fans and giving them what they want, which in this case mainly was the opportunity to chat and get their picture taken. I was wondering how to approach her. I needn’t have worried. She was more than happy to reach out her hand to me as I stood there nervously decked out in the outfit I usually reserve for my own shows (which is more than I can say for most of the typically dressed down Berlin crowd that night. Come on, y’all…it’s Lady f’in Gaga. Put on some airs!)

I broke the ice by asking the silly question “So when is your new album coming out?” Her prompt reply was merely to point behind me and remark, “God those lesbians here are so sexy!” A perfect answer. I was proud to give her copies of my last two albums and can only hope I rock her world half as much as she did mine that night.