Free stuff at the Snax store!


As a thank you for shoppers at the Snax store, World Of Snax is offering special rare and unreleased tracks… all free and downloadable!

Here’s how it works: Get one of any of the CD’s sold at the store and receive a web address and download code when your CD arrives in the mail. Visit the site, enter your code and get your free stuff.

With the purchase of From the Rocking Chair To The Stage on CD, you’ll get “Good Life”, Snax’s take on the Inner City classic and “No Dancing (Naked)”, a rare instrumental of Snax’s first single originally released on vinyl only.

Buyers of the Love Pollution CD get a special and unreleased instrumental version of “Immer So” featuring Shapemod shredding on the guitar plus the world famous Konrad Black remix of “Honeymoon’s Over.”

Purchase this year’s Special Guest Star, either digitally or on CD, and get the winning track of Snax’s “Special Guest Star” remix contest by Sven Brede aka Toxic Twin…sure to rock your next party and social gathering. (Purchase this album as a download and get the free track automatically!)

Finally, buy the 23 song release Rush by Tony Amherst, and get yourself two free tracks originally released on the Pornosoundtracks EP in 2004 and co-produced by Tony and Snax, “New Action” and “Heartland.” (Purchase this album as a download and get the free tracks automatically!)

So what are you waiting for…visit the store today and get free SNAX!

(Makes great Xmas gifts, too!)