BEAMEN feat SNAX – Power Inside EP – Velcro City Records

BEAMEN are Italian musician/producers Gilberto “G-Clef” Caleffi and Erio “E.R.I.O.” Simonini. Also known as DISCO DOUBLES, they were the knob-twiddlers behind last year’s “The Shakes” with vocals by CAPTAIN COMATOSE.

Now SNAX teams up with them again for a hit ’em up style electro EP that will surely unleash your POWER INSIDE!!

 * Features the Snax-penned “Power Inside” – original and club mix – plus a fresh new take on Blu Cantrell’s “Oops (Hit ‘Em Up Style).”

 * Released on Velcro City Records (Denver, USA) on April 30th.

Click pic below to have a listen!

Beamen feat. Snax