2004: “From The Rocking Chair to the Stage” (Mental Groove)
2006: “Love Pollution” (TNT/Four Music)
2010: “Special Guest Star” (Random)

2002: “No Dancing” (Freund)
2004: “Portosoundtracks” (Freundinnen)
2008: “Trouble” (defDrive)
2009: “Out of Trouble” (defDrive)
2014: “Up And Coming Children” (Random)

2004: “No Dancing” (Mental Groove)
2005: “Hat Trick-US remixes” (Mental Groove)
2005: “Hat Trick-Swiss remixes” (Mental Groove)
2006: “It Ain’t Love-Fill Me Up” as Snax and Ianeq (Get Physical Music)
2006: “Immer So” (TNT/Four Music)
2007: “Honeymoon’s Over” (TNT/Four Music)
2011: “Special Guest Remix” (Random)

With Captain Comatose
2003: “Going Out” (Playhouse)
2005: “Up in Flames” (Playhouse)

2006: Shapemod feat. Snax – “Love’s Too Much” (Suicide)
2009: Nu Frequency feat. Snax – “Passage of Time” (Rebirth)
2010: Lorenz Rhode feat. Snax – “Something Hot” (Exploited)
2010: Maximillian Skiba feat. Snax – “One To Pray To” (Exploited)
2011: Shunda K feat. Snax – “It’s Time To Get Paid” (Fanatic Recordings)
2011: Chaim feat. Snax – “Wish” (BPitch Control)
2012: Terranova feat. Snax – “Ain’t No Thing” (Kompakt)
2012: Rimshooters vs. Snax – “Pledge Allegiance” (Her Majesty’s Ship)
2013: Manhooker and Snax – “Based on Misunderstandings 7” (Sonar Kollektiv)
2015: Hotel Motel feat. Snax – “The Fall” (LateNightTales)

Other Appearances
2011: “Take Care of Me” on Jerk Off Compilation (Zingy)