Singer, songwriter and keyboard whiz Snax, aka Paul Bonomo, has been on a musical path from Washington DC to San Francisco to New York and now his current home in Berlin, Germany. Along the way, he founded the art rock band, Fagbash, and was one half of disco-pop band Captain Comatose.

Soon after arriving in Berlin, Snax released his first album From The Rocking Chair To The Stage (Mental Groove) and collaborated with fellow luminaries like Jamie Lidell, Peaches and Soffy O, producing diverse sides on even more diverse labels. In Fall 2006, Snax’s sound transcended from electronics to more acoustic elements on his second long-player Love Pollution (TNT/Four Music), described by Snax as being “about love, loss, bitchiness and finally redemption.” The remix for the single, ‘Honeymoon’s Over’ by Konrad Black was hailed by many as the anthem of Summer 2007.

Snax performed and DJ’d everywhere, delivering provocation, sleaze and fun. With a sound sometimes described as “Fist-Funk,” Snax challenged his audience to interact with him completely. Upon supporting The Scissor Sisters through Europe as their opening act, front man Jake Shears concluded that Snax is “a one man fro freak show not to be missed.”

Returning to his electronic funk roots, Snax released two EP’s on UK’s defDrive imprint and, Special Guest Star, which coincided with the relaunch of his label, Random Records. Snax then teamed up with Shunda K of Yo! Majesty, their track “It’s Time To Get Paid” surpassing 650,000 views, and is currently writing and producing with Mavin Le MaGass of Manhooker.

Reflecting on his rich and rewarding career and the myriad creative interactions he’s experienced, Snax founded the House Of Snaxine. To them he dedicates his newest EP on Random, Up And Coming Children; an exciting return to form with an eye to the future. Snax is back on the road, performing live and DJing, this spring, summer and beyond!

2004: “From The Rocking Chair to the Stage” (Mental Groove)
2006: “Love Pollution” (TNT/Four Music)
2010: “Special Guest Star” (Random)

2002: “No Dancing” (Freund)
2004: “Portosoundtracks” (Freundinnen)
2008: “Trouble” (defDrive)
2009: “Out of Trouble” (defDrive)
2014: “Up And Coming Children” (Random)

2004: “No Dancing” (Mental Groove)
2005: “Hat Trick-US remixes” (Mental Groove)
2005: “Hat Trick-Swiss remixes” (Mental Groove)
2006: “It Ain’t Love-Fill Me Up” as Snax and Ianeq (Get Physical Music)
2006: “Immer So” (TNT/Four Music)
2007: “Honeymoon’s Over” (TNT/Four Music)
2011: “Special Guest Remix” (Random)

With Captain Comatose
2003: “Going Out” (Playhouse)
2005: “Up in Flames” (Playhouse)

2006: Shapemod feat. Snax – “Love’s Too Much” (Suicide)
2009: Nu Frequency feat. Snax – “Passage of Time” (Rebirth)
2010: Lorenz Rhode feat. Snax – “Something Hot” (Exploited)
2010: Maximillian Skiba feat. Snax – “One To Pray To” (Exploited)
2011: Shunda K feat. Snax – “It’s Time To Get Paid” (Fanatic Recordings)
2011: Chaim feat. Snax – “Wish” (BPitch Control)
2012: Terranova feat. Snax – “Ain’t No Thing” (Kompakt)
2012: Rimshooters vs. Snax – “Pledge Allegiance” (Her Majesty’s Ship)
2013: Manhooker and Snax – “Based on Misunderstandings 7” (Sonar Kollektiv)
2015: Hotel Motel feat. Snax – “The Fall” (LateNightTales)

Other Appearances
2011: “Take Care of Me” on Jerk Off Compilation (Zingy)


“Cheeky cowbells, grainy disco synths and even non-cheesy string sections are all cleverly arranged into well formed songs with jazzy overtones.”

Mixmag – Up And Coming Children review / 2014

“Glistening disco production with a soaring vocal…”

Clash – Up And Coming Children review / 2014

“Special Guest Star has successfully condensed the energy and funk of his live show in to a perfect pop package.”

Electronic Beats – Special Guest Star review / 2010

…”a dramatic, perfectly balanced collection of songs…which belong more on the radio than in the club.”

Groove Magazine – Special Guest Star review / 2010

“’pure P funk monster looooove iiittttt’”

Laurent Garner – Trouble EP review / 2008

“Snax has crafted 11 superb tracks…with a depth often missed out by other artists.”

Rough Trade – Love Pollution review / 2006

“…pure and utter brilliance…Very cool, very funky, very good and very worthy of regular recycling on your stereo system.” – Love Pollution review / 2006

“…due to the diverse nature of the three main mixes it just about deserves all the praise. This time you can believe the hype.”

Reverse Angle – Honeymoon’s Over review / 2006

“An awesome sing-a-long spectacular…A+ production and next level crooning.”

Vice Magazine – From The Rocking Chair To The Stage review / 2004

“…An instant classic if ever we’ve heard one.”

DJ Magazine (sureplayer) – No Dancing review / 2004